Post Decree Modification

Experienced Illinois Post Decree Modification Attorney

For over 30 years, Attorney Robert J. Schmit has dedicated his firm to helping clients protect their rights in matters of family law, including divorce and post decree modification cases.If the provisions of your court ordered decree are not being met, or if noncompliance by an ex-spouse is at issue, our firm can help protect your rights and petition the courts for the most suitable modifications. We handle post decree modification and post decree enforcement for clients in the Cook County courts.  

Matters for Post Decree Modification

Judges don’t take violations of court orders lightly. The terms of a divorce decree are legal and binding. When the stipulations of an agreement are not met, or fraud or deceit is discovered regarding pre-decree property disclosures or assets, you can petition the court for a modification to the decree. If a modification is sought against you, you can also oppose those changes. Attorney Robert Schmit can handle your post decree modification case, see that all documents are properly drafted and reviewed, and ensure an equitable agreement for both parties. Post decree modifications may be available in the following circumstances: 

  • Material changes of lifestyle
  • Changes in financial obligations
  • Desire to decrease in alimony
  • Desire to increase or decrease in child support
  • Relocation of either parent
  • Removal and relocation of a child
  • Desire to alter child custody or visitation
  • Non-disclosure of property or assets
  • Division of property not addressed in divorce decree

In divorce decrees involving children, and in post decree modification, the court makes its orders based on the best interests of the child, giving consideration to such matters as:

  • The wishes of the parent and an older child
  • The mental and physical health of the parents
  • The parents’ compliance with court orders involving the child
  • The child’s interaction at school and with others
  • The parents’ cooperation with one another
  • Any history or incidence of abuse or neglect

Post decree modifications need the careful attention and expertise an experienced attorney can provide. Attorney Robert Schmit can assist you with the proper drafting and execution of post degree modification petitions. Contact us to discuss your post decree modification issues or any matters of family law, including post decree enforcement, and child removal and relocation.

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